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Hi, my name is Andreas Riesener. I am a professional 3D/VFX generalist.
Born and raised in a small town near Berlin in Germany (Templin, if you really want to know).

In 2003 I went to Dortmund to study media and communication design and completed successfully as a qualified designer. I then took the train to Munich to get an additional degree in 3D-animation and visual effects. After graduation I was hired as a digital artist for television but decided to move back to Berlin – full circle. At that point my real journey as an self employed 3D- and VFX- artist just began.

After years of working in the commercial/movie/series biz as an art director, vfx and motion design artist.
I’m still open for new challenges. Always trying to push the optical limits of the projects with keen eyes on deadlines.

I can provide whatever you need to deliver a damn good 3D project – from previsualisation, modeling, animation, simulation, texturing, lighting, shading to final rendering – you can call me a generalist but with a high profile of technical skills (at least, that’s what my clients tell me).

Though I am familiar with all the major 3D applications I see myself as a native in Cinema 4D. Up to date I gained more than 20 years of experience in C4D – so, yeah, I am pretty much into it.

If you have any upcoming project, don’t be shy, just ask! When I’m not working on a job, you’ll probably just catch me binching the latest cgi adventures (movies/games) or tinkering with new techniques (art/tech).

Looking forward to it.